Bride’s Accessories – The Full Guide

The wedding day is the one and only chance for many young women to experience all that they have been dreaming of since a very young age. In order to make sure that you – the bride – look flawless, here are some useful tips on what to do and not do for the big day preparations!

  • Start with the dress – to begin with, the first thing you should pick is the bridal dress. It is not unheard of to fall in love with some random bridal shoes flats or veil you might see while window shopping for bridal accessories, but never pick the accessories before you decide on the dress. The reason is quite simple: what is the centre of attention of any bridal outfit? The dress, of course. If so, you need to make sure that the focus is on the dress when you pick out your outfit as well. Pick the bridal dress first and decide on a theme, colour scheme and the like; you can base your accessories on your choice.
    • Colours – we all have heard and seen it: the bride is traditionally associated with white. However, there is no hard fast rule binding you to the colour white as a bride. In fact, there is nothing that prevents you from picking any colour you might like. Whilst of course most brides will prefer to pick a white dress, you can opt for other colours when it comes to bridal shoes from Deseo Bridal & Evening Shoes and other complementary accessories.
      • Traditional accessories – just as there are traditional dresses and colours, you will find that there are traditional accessories for brides since times immemorial. Of course, most brides will want to wear tiaras, veils, and other similar articles of clothing – but once again, there is no rule that says you have to wear these traditional accessories.
        • Personalization and comfort – a very good point you have to keep in mind when picking your bridal outfit is to always prioritize your preferences and comfort. To begin with, this is your wedding, your day to shine – so make sure to factor in what pleases you best (and not solely what pleases others). Secondly, know that the wedding is a long affair – you will be standing for the majority of it, and it is going to be a long day. You do not want to wear something that will make you suffer throughout the later hours of the day.
          • Don’t forget your bridesmaids – the bride is certainly the flower of the wedding, but she will look her very best when her entourage can support her. Make sure to factor in time and resources to ensure that your bridesmaids will look lovely too!