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It’s Time To Style The Rockabilly Way

Rockabilly is a form of music which commenced somewhere around 1950’s. The reason why it has been given this name is because it is a blend of rock ‘n’ roll and “hillbilly” or even country side music. There are so many unique styles which claim to be part of the rockabilly moniker such as Western, Swinger and Greaser styles. Whether you wish to enjoy the typical rockabilly music or simply wish to embrace its style statement for the upcoming weekend, you can get a whole lot of ideas from here itself.

You too can experiment the exclusive pin up clothing Australia statement. This style was quite much in demand during the 40s, and if followed can give you the feel of that rock n roll essence. The amazingly voguish pin up girl clothing during the 40’s and 50’s had given rise to several Bettie Page wardrobe trend and girls during that time were so much into the rockabilly trend. People started to experiment more and together with accepting rockabilly music people around were also ready to acknowledge a flashy yet spicier wardrobe.

When it comes to pin up clothing style for women, then you can opt for dresses with the full skirt style together with a lot of crinolines, ponytails and flat heels. The dresses however had quite a chic edge to it together with an overstated version of the 50’s look. The hair styles too were quit teasing in appeal and bold colors with red lip shades and bright accessories totally rocked when it came to defining pin up clothing style statement. If you too wish to fill your wardrobe with the rockabilly clothing online essentials, then you will need to understand one point and that is girls defining this era have that sensual appeal however they have the cute girlie touch as well. Basically you can feel free to opt for girls-only pieces together with chucks and pieces of accessories which would seem as though they picked it out from their boyfriend’s closet.

Make sure that you also do show off a little bit of your skin. If you are opting for a dress, then go for ones which do not come with spaghetti-strap and forget about tanks completely. If you want you could also stick to the classic halter top or dresses with ruching at the bust area or dresses with sweetheart neckline too would do great. If you want there are several online shops as well as resale shops where you will be able to pick up a few vintage versions, which come with a little modern touch to it. The most commonly found designs or prints would be skull, tropical and cherry designs. If you got those tattooed skin, then you are perfect and good to go for the evening. These designs will be a great way to show off a little at the same time, have that softened look.


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Ideas For A Memorable Proposal

Marriage is a dream come true for majority of the couples. But before this grand ceremony, the guy proposes her would be wife. This is another special day shared by the couple. It’s a step taken to solidify and take their relationship a step further. Therefore, people come up with amazing ways of proposing. Some may keep it simple, while some host parties to announce the big news. At what kind of a setting do you want to propose? What would your better half wish for? Think about these questions, when you’re planning it.

When you know it’s the right time to get the ring, you also have think about how you’re going to say it. Keeping the likes and dislikes of them in mind, plan a mind blowing, surprising and romantic proposal. Are you stuck without a good idea? Here are some suggestions for you to do or incorporate and make it extra special:

•    Idea 1: Go to the first place that you’ll went out on a date

The place where you went on the first date is a very special one. It’s noted as a significant place in your hearts. Arrange a special candle light table for both of you, with some roses and campaign. Leave a handcrafted card, with a picture of you saying ‘will you marry me?’. Next to it, place the customized diamond jewellery Sydney on a plate. It will blow her away and enjoy the rest of the evening, get more info at

•    Idea 2: Proposing on the beach

Alternatively, a proposal on a beach is really romantic. Setting a specially decorate tent for two, against the backdrop of sea. You can light some artificial crystal lights in the shape of a heart and with the phrase ‘There’s a surprise for you’. Keep her curious and then break the news to her and propose in a romantic way.

•    Idea 3: Destination Engagement

Plan a weekend getaway to a country where she wishes to travel to. While on board, you could coordinate with the crew and propose to her. Give her a bouquet of various flora of her choice and tie the engagement ring around one of the flowers. This will be an unforgettable experience. Later, enjoy your weekend and create special moments.

•    Idea 4: Is she a pet lover?

Is your soul mate fond of pet pups? This is another great idea gifts along with the ring. If she were an early morning jogger, you would know her timings. Arrange a basket with the puppy and ‘marry me’ board pinned to the surface of the basket. Have some rose petals strewn around it and some heart shaped chocolates. She would not be able to say no to the proposal.

These are just few of the many other ideas that individuals could suggest. Plan an amazing and memorable setting for the big news!